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Subconscious Manifestation

Subconscious Manifestation

Manifestation is largely driven by our core beliefs. For instance, if we want to be wealthy, but deep down we have this nagging feeling that we somehow can't or don't deserve to be wealthy, then we won't be wealthy. We have to change those thoughts in order to manifest what we want.

Did you know we manifest almost every single experience in life? Yup, that's right. Whether it is our promotion at work or financial situation or other happenings everyday. They say we bring it all on ourselves. It is easy to wonder how we can do this. They are our subconscious beliefs.

There are beliefs we are aware of - the ones we are conscious of. For instance, the need to work in exchange for money in conventional jobs is something we are wired into. It is these subconscious beliefs and hidden thoughts that mostly attract what we don't want. Driven by feelings of doubt deep down inside.

Let's say we apply for a job and get an interview, we really want this job. We tell ourselves on the way to think positive, we outwardly act positive, but on the inside we are nervous. That feeling of nervousness triggers of doubt. This doubt questions our deserving the good things in life and brings down our confidence. So we won't get that job. Experiences reinforce our beliefs and that keeps us stuck in repeating patterns of failure.

So the next time we encounter a negative belief - don't push those feelings aside or pretend to ignore they exist. Replace them with a positive belief that feels genuine. That means we may have to go back and find out why we don't think we deserve that job. Find a stronger reason why we deserve what we want. Only then can we initiate change and manifest the good we want.

Here are some suggestions to get you started on your journey.

1. Guided Meditation

One great way to review the past and understand the significance of various events so we can change our perception is through Guided Meditations. Search on Google or YouTube and there's no shortage of options to get started.

Find a quiet place for the duration of the meditation so you can focus on your experience. An important thing to remember when doing this type of meditation is not to resist or judge whatever feelings come up. Resistance brings chaos. Just acknowledge what is coming up and then let it go. Consciously replace it more empowering so it can shift future events in your favor.

2. Acknowledge and Accept

It makes it much easier to change beliefs when we accept them. Acceptance is an essential first step for all beliefs - good and not so good. Whatever you feel is okay. We know it does not feel good when we don't feel worthy. Let go about the right or wrong. 

Acknowledge what you feel about your journey without judgement as much as possible. It takes practice and yes, it is not easy. Begin to accept where you are in your journey. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. This is the journey we chose before coming into this physical plane.

When we accept and make peace our journey, that is when magic starts to happen. We then open ourselves to better and happier results in different areas of our life.

3. Fake It Till You Make It

It is okay to give ourselves the permission to fake good emotions. This certainly brings a positive shift in our mood and outlook. It raises our vibration and opens us to explore new opportunities so we can clear out those old beliefs that don't serve us anymore.

Make an effort to do things that feel good and bring in happiness. Take the time to enjoy your cup of coffee, listen to uplifting music, or smile even if it feels odd on the inside. It is not easy by any measure - it will be worth it in the long run. A little practice brings big rewards of peace and joy.

And yes, you can have it too! Keep up the good work my friends, one day at a time.

Here's to your vibrant health and well-being...

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